Abortion Information

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, you deserve to know the facts and be fully informed. At Assure Women’s Center we take time to educate you on your abortion options. Different abortion methods are used at different stages of pregnancy. Assure Women’s Center will help you understand what you can expect from each abortion procedure and present the abortion risk factors so that you can make an informed decision.

Free Pregnancy Tests

Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test at Assure Women’s Center. Our tests are 99% accurate, more sensitive than many over-the-counter tests, and able to detect hCG (the hormone released in pregnancy) earlier than many tests on the market. If you have a positive test at our center, we’ll provide a verification of pregnancy document that you can use to apply for state health insurance.

Free Ultrasound Referrals

It’s important to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion. With an ultrasound, you’ll know for sure how many weeks pregnant you are and this determines the types of abortions available to you. To be referred to receive a free ultrasound, make an appointment for a free pregnancy test at Assure Women’s Center.

Confidential Services

Your trust is important to us. When you visit Assure Women’s Center, we want you to know your information is safe. We have a strict confidentiality policy and adhere to all medical confidentiality practices. No matter what service is provided, your results and information are confidential. In fact, we never divulge information, not even to parents or partners.

STD Information & Referrals

Assure Women’s Center provides free STD information and refers clients to our providing medical partners for free STD testing and treatment. Make an appointment to visit Assure Women’s Center to be referred for free STD testing and to learn more about reducing your risk of contracting an STD.

Community Referrals & Ongoing Support

Assure Women’s Center partners with many outside community doctors and agencies to provide a wide range of services for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Assure Women’s Center also provides educational opportunities in individual and group learning environments to discuss various parenting and life skills topics.

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