Problem Pregnancy

If you have plans that don’t include pregnancy, a missed period or other pregnancy symptoms can create a crisis situation. You may be worried about how you’re going to finish school, keep working, or support another baby in addition to the children you already have. You may be considering abortion as a solution. Assure Women’s Center is here to help. Visit our center to confirm your pregnancy and get information about your options, including abortion. All of our services are free and confidential.

Abortion Information

If you’re worried about an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering abortion. You deserve to know the facts and be fully informed. Before you visit an abortion clinic, make an appointment at Assure Women’s Center. We’re here to help you. We believe in your right to choose what’s best for your unique situation. Visit our center to receive free abortion information and get answers to your questions about abortion, so you can make an informed choice.

Free Pregnancy Tests

If you’re concerned about being pregnant it’s important to get an accurate pregnancy test and talk to someone about your situation. Even if you’ve had a positive test at home, you may want help confirming your pregnancy. Assure Women’s Center offers free medical-quality pregnancy tests. Our tests are 99% accurate and more sensitive than many over-the-counter varieties. If you have a positive test at our center, we can refer you to receive a free ultrasound with one of our providing medical partners.

Are You In School?

Getting pregnant in high school or college can create a crisis situation filled with concerns about your future. Assure Women’s Center is here for you. We understand your unique concerns as a student and have helped hundreds of students in the Tampa area. Make an appointment to talk to one of our counselors about your situation, get answers to your questions and learn about your options, including abortion. All of our services are confidential, even if you’re under 18 years old.

When You Already Have Children

When you already have children, discovering you’re pregnant when you weren’t planning to be can be stressful. You may feel as though you don’t have the time or financial resources to care for another child. You’re not alone. Assure Women’s Center understands you have unique concerns as a mom trying to provide for the children you already have. Make an appointment to talk to us about your situation and learn about your options and the resources that may be available to you.

Not Your First Abortion?

Having more than one abortion carries increased health risks and possible fertility problems. At Assure Women’s Center, we can talk about your concerns and give you information, so you can make a fully-informed decision about whether having another abortion is right for you.

Things To Think About

  • Do you know for sure if you’re pregnant?
  • Have you taken a medical-quality pregnancy test?
  • If you’re considering abortion, how much do you know about different abortion procedures?
  • What are your other options?

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